Let Us Value Your Car

Selling a car sounds easy in theory. Once you attempt to sell a vehicle though, you'll understand why so many people choose to trade in their old cars with us. Why deal with people who ask you dozens of questions and try to make you sell your car for as little as possible? You don't need to worry about buyers in Lenoir City who send you multiple messages and then never show up either. We can help you see the value of your trade as quickly as possible.

The amount that you get depends on many factors. One thing we look at is the car's overall condition, including whether it has any rust spots or body damage that will reduce its value. We also look at how well it runs and if we see any issues when we drive it around the lot.

Another factor is the vehicle's age. Newer cars are worth more as trades because we can sell them for higher prices. Older or late models are worth less because they are fewer buyers interested in those models.

Your vehicle's value also depends on the mileage on your engine and whether you performed routine maintenance. If you followed the manufacturer's guidelines, you can show us the manual that lists all the work you did, which can help you get a bigger offer. When it comes to mileage, vehicles with less mileage are worth more because they last longer than vehicles with more mileage do.

Avoid the hassles and frustrations of dealing with buyers and finding the right person for your car. Come to Hepperly Auto Sales to find out what your car is worth as a trade. We accept cars and vans along with SUVs and trucks. Call us to make an appointment to get a fair trade value today.